Marc Weinreich
Multi-Disciplinary Environmental Specialist

Marc Weinreich is the co-founder and vice president of Greenfield Environmental Trust Group, Inc.(GETG) and vice president of Resources for Responsible Site Management, Inc. (RRSM), Trustee of the Industri-Plex Site Interim Custodial Trust. Mr. Weinreich also serves as a Managing Principal of the Montana Environmental Trust Group, LLC, Trustee of the Montana Environmental Custodial Trust, a Managing Principal of Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust LLC, Trustee of the Multistate Environmental Response Trust, and a Managing Principal of Greenfield Environmental Savannah Trust LLC, Trustee of the Savannah Environmental Response Trust. GETG is an award-winning, certified minority woman owned business enterprise (M/WBE) that provides trustee, remediation, project management, real estate and redevelopment services for state and federal superfund sites, RCRA facilities, mine scarred lands and other contaminated properties nationwide.

Mr. Weinreich graduated from Columbia University with Masters of Art and Masters of Philosophy degrees in Comparative Literature, teaching in the English and Humanities Departments at Columbia University and Pace University in Manhattan for several years. Subsequently, Mr. Weinreich attended Boston University School of Law, where he was a Paul J. Liacos Scholar and Executive Editor of the Annual Review of Banking Law. Mr. Weinreich held his first law position as a Summer Associate with the Office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and, on graduation, worked as a lawyer for the prestigious, national Boston-based law firm of Gaston & Snow. While at Gaston & Snow, Mr. Weinreich oversaw complex multi-party, multi-million dollar real estate and commercial transactions throughout the United States, frequently including matters involving ever more challenging environmental and regulatory compliance matters. Mr. Weinreich met Cynthia Brooks in 1989, while providing legal and transactional services on the Industri-plex Federal Superfund Site in Woburn, Massachusetts, including, among other things, strategic counsel on land use, property disposition, bankruptcy, prospective purchaser agreements and institutional controls. Since then, Mr. Weinreich and Ms. Brooks have worked together to pioneer alternative, multi-stakeholder alignment and cooperative responsible contaminated property innovative solutions.

Since his days teaching at Columbia and years of large law firm legal practice, Mr. Weinreich has championed the strategic, efficient resolution of multi-disciplinary conflicts between and among communities, federal/state regulators and industry that have historically resulted in gridlock, litigation, increased costs, delayed implementation of environmental actions, and loss of trust. Mr. Weinreich, now 40 hour hazwoper trained, has, among many other critical clean-up tasks, overseen water treatment plant optimization, developed master health and safety plans for RCRA/CERCLA sites, transitioned a ROD selected remedy from on-site excavation and cell construction to a significantly less expensive and equally protective off-site disposal remedy, designed work plans for remedial and facility site investigations and deliverables, negotiated and executed smelter slag and titanium dioxide spoils sales, implemented vertical mine shaft closure response actions, managed and settled cost recovery actions and directed the work of multiple national environmental engineering response contractors and outside law firms. Mr. Weinreich has also managed the operations of an active sulfuric acid plant in Savannah, Georgia emerging from bankruptcy, including creating favorable relations with the existing plant union, ensuring a steady stream of raw molten sulfur to the plant despite volatile cash flow, equalizing plant cash flow swings, assuaging concerns of senior plant management to stabilize continuity in plant operations, and balancing uneven marketing and distribution challenges. In the first year of plant operations, Mr. Weinreich and his team were able to exceed all past, historic plant production records and generate significant net revenues, notwithstanding the plant's recent emergence from bankruptcy and the multiple start-up operational struggles. Profit from plant operations have been used to perform environment actions on the 1600-acre Savannah River front site.

As a principal of the many trust entities, together with Ms. Brooks, Mr. Weinreich has overall project, clean-up and disposition management responsibility for more than 2,000 sites in 25 states. He reports to state and federal environmental regulators and representatives of State Attorney General Offices and the United States Department of Justice on a daily basis. In addition to his site specific responsibilities, Mr. Weinreich also oversees the trusts' property sale, tax, insurance, investment and leasing activities and sits as the Chair of the Trust Advisory Board for the Anadarko Litigation Trust, the entity charged with prosecuting claims against Anadarko in connection with the spin-off of Tronox from Kerr-McGee Corporation. Mr. Weinreich has spoken at national and regional conferences on responsible and progressive hazardous waste site management, reuse and disposition and, together with Ms. Brooks, has garnered two Phoenix awards for the management and revitalization of the Industri-plex Superfund Site in Woburn, Massachusetts and the Mountain Pine Wood Pressure Treating Federal Superfund Site in the rural, economically distressed community of Plainview, Arkansas.

Mr. Weinreich relocated to Utah from Boston in 2009 to be more proximate to Western state Trustee commitments and continues to manage East coast projects. In addition to being a trusted, accomplished environmental steward, Mr. Weinreich is a Certified Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa teacher and periodically guest teaches at yoga studios across the country.