Promoting Brownfields Economic Development

At GETG, we bring a wealth of experience from varied backgrounds, which is what allows us to offer you myriad services in brownfields economic development and redevelopment.

Brownfields Consulting Services
Sustainable redevelopment is our primary goal, and our brownfields consulting services help to achieve this goal through:

  • Market & economic feasibility studies
  • Environmental due diligence and risk assessment
  • Opportunities & constraints planning
  • Pre-design planning and stakeholder communications
  • Integrating re-use into the remedy
  • Design & inauguration of land use restrictions (institutional controls or “non-engineered remedies”)
  • Community relations & communications
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Financing through public and private capital, including grants and publicly funded infrastructure
  • Liability and risk management strategies
  • Cost savings and/or value creation opportunities
  • Leveraging the brownfields programs


Real Estate Advisory Services
Our deep experience in complementary disciplines, such as real estate law, allows us to effectively advise clients on real estate matters, including:

  • Pre-development permitting
  • Planning
  • Purchasing & sale contracts
  • Due diligence
  • Liability management
  • Clear title
  • Property development


Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Services
Combining multi-disciplinary expertise with imagination, compassion, and communication skills, we act as an independent third party and design and implement win-win solutions that align all major stakeholder interests.

Trustee Solutions
GETG has and continues to serve in several unprecedented Trustee positions as a federal district court-appointed or court-approved trustee.

Project Management
Third-party contractor and project management, oversight and expertise to promote cost-effective delivery of fully-integrated products and deliverables.

Training, Redevelopment Workshops, and Educational Programs
We know redevelopment from the ground-up and can design and deliver training programs, workshops, and keynote presentations to educate private and public sector personnel on critical reuse practices, policies, and pathways.

Ready to have a conversation? Contact us now and let's discuss your brownfields economic development.