December 2009 Press Release


Greenfield Environmental Trust Group Appointed Trustee of Montana Environmental Custodial Trust

Boston Based Business Appointed by the United States and the State of Montana to Help Treasure State Reclaim Land Contaminated by Former Mining and Smelting Giant, Asarco

Watertown, MA, December 16, 2009 - Greenfield Environmental Trust Group (GETG) has been selected by the United States and the State of Montana, and approved by federal district and bankruptcy courts, to serve as Trustee for an environmental custodial trust responsible for the remediation and revitalization of four hazardous waste sites in Montana, including two federal superfund sites. The Montana Environmental Trust Group, LLC (METG), a wholly-owned Helena, Montana-based subsidiary of GETG, has been selected to serve as the federal district court Trustee of the Montana Environmental Custodial Trust, a trust with the United States and the State of Montana as its sole beneficiaries. As part of a nationwide, $1.8 billion bankruptcy settlement, METG has received a $138 million fund and taken title to approximately 4,000 acres of contaminated land once owned by the giant mining and smelting company, ASARCO LLC, which just emerged from a chapter 11 bankruptcy. METG will be responsible for investing and disbursing the trust funds and overseeing the clean-up and redevelopment of these former ASARCO sites.

A two-person company based in Watertown, MA, with a satellite office in Utah, GETG has recently established a third office in Helena, Montana. In regards to the company’s appointment as an independent third party Trustee for the Montana sites, GETG President Cynthia Brooks says, “We believe we were selected because of our credentials, expertise, track-record, and uncompromising personal and professional standards. Time and time again, we have demonstrated that we know how to build trust, foster inclusivity, and overcome barriers resulting from competing stakeholder interests. By acting as an independent third party, we recognize—and advocate for—all stakeholders’ interests.” GETG Vice President Marc Weinreich echoes Brooks’ sentiments and adds, “Cindy and I are honored to have been selected by the United States and the State of Montana for this appointment. Like so many other communities, East Helena, host to what was once the largest smelter in the country, is ready to move forward. Together with dedicated Federal and State representatives, county and local officials, and the many concerned and committed citizens in and around East Helena, GETG will help build a better, brighter and healthier future for this special town and environment.”

About Greenfield Environment Trust Group
GETG is renowned worldwide for its third-party independent trusts and hazardous waste site redevelopment expertise. Uniquely trusted by industry, government, and communities, GETG has played critical roles in the revitalization and reclamation of contaminated waste sites in Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Connecticut, Michigan, West Virginia, and Massachusetts. GETG’s 20+ years of excellence in hazardous waste site management and redevelopment has been highlighted in Italy, Australia and Portugal, and has garnered the company two National Phoenix Awards for its pioneering Federal Superfund Site redevelopment successes in Woburn, Massachusetts and Plainview, Arkansas. Visit to learn more.