Brownfields Clean Up Done Right

Brownfields redevelopment is an important, yet daunting task. One of the biggest challenges is getting everyone on the same page, like local communities, corporations, and even the state and federal governments.

So wouldn't it be great if an organization existed that could manage all these stakeholders' conflicting interests and create a framework and solution that met their diverse needs? That organization exists. Welcome to Greenfield Environmental Trust Group (GETG).


Managing Brownfields Redevelopment for 20+ Years

We're a nationally recognized and award-winning real estate, management, and strategic consulting company specializing in the reclamation, clean up, and reuse of contaminated properties. We've successfully helped to transform and develop federal hazardous waste sites, state superfund sites, and other distressed properties in Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Connecticut, Michigan, and West Virginia. One of our best-known projects, the Industri-plex superfund site in Woburn, Massachusetts, has become a national archetype inspiring new, groundbreaking federal brownfields policies and programs.  


Because Sustainable Redevelopment is Possible

At GETG, we assume the role of an independent third party that has multiple obligations to all of its stakeholders. This means we pay attention to everyone's interests. We function under this model because we believe in the many benefits of brownfields clean up: improved public health, job creation, tax benefits, and environmental protection (just to name a few). We've proven again and again that all stakeholders can win. Through our multi-stakeholder alignment services, we've been able to convince competing interests to come together and work toward a common goal: sustainable redevelopment. 

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